Maybe I Won’t Stay in New York, After All


       Yesterday I posted a comment that included a statement that I’d like to stay in New York, at least for the near future.  Then I read something that temporarily changed my mind.  No, I’m not talking about higher taxes or more fees or the traffic or the snow or even the Tappan Zee Bridge.  No, my friends…I’m referring to an item I read on Yahoo! News titled “Australia offers ‘best job in world’ on paradise island.  Essentially, Australia is looking to hire an ‘island caretaker’ (for a 6 month period), whose job will be to snorkel, walk along the beach, and report weekly via blogs, photo diaries, and video updates.  Okay so far.  The job pays about 100,000 US dollars and includes airfare from your home country and rent-free accommodations in a 3-bedroom beachfront home.  Even better.  Must be a good communicator in English.  Got it.  Must be able to effectively speak with the media.  Got it.  Must love the sun and outdoors.  Got it.  Must be a good swimmer.  Now comes the deal-breaker.  I can swim, but I don’t consider myself good at it…after all, I was in the Army, not the Navy.  So I’m out.  Any takers?  Here it is:


Feel free to leave a comment, and please come back!


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