Ten Things Not to do in New York City

       Our son Don’s good friend Robin Delaloye (more later about Robin and her spectacular craft she calls Bookstruction!) sent me a link to an article from last year about things not to do in New York City.  Here they are, along with the author’s reasoning, as well as my reason, if any, to refute the advice:

     – Take a Pedi-Cab – it’s price gouging at its best

     – Eat anything from a Hot Dog Cart – two bucks for a “dirty water dog” – okay, I disagree on this one; hot dog carts are New York!

     – Go to the top of the Empire State Building – the wait in five separate lines is not worth it – disagree again; see my comment following this list!

     – Get cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery – made famous by Sex and the City, the food is average at best

     – Take a twilight carriage ride in Central Park – not quite the romantic experience you expect – again, see my comment below!

     – Eat at Tavern on the Green – it’s not the food that’s the attraction – a little outdated, since the Tavern has closed.  However, a year ago, I would have disagreed with this recommendation – see below!

     – Eat at a restaurant in Times Square – the same chains as in the suburbs, only more expensive

     – See a Times Square Comedy Show – crowded, not very funny, and too many drinks required – is there such a thing?

     – Shop at Century 21 – this downtown store is packed with tourists and aggression – enough said!

     – Have a night out in the Meatpacking District – full of giggling girls, gauche bars, and drunken dudes

       When we visited Maui with close friends several years ago, we took our rental car on the Road to Hana, roughly a 5-hour round-trip drive.  Was it worth it?  Absolutely not.  Then why did we do it?  Just to say we had done it.  Like many other things in life, including the Empire State Building, Central Park carriage ride, and Tavern on the Green.  So there…

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