What Do You Know About Carousels?

       My wife is a true carousel fan.  She likes to ride on them, and now she likes to collect them.  On our way to Mohegan Sun recently, we stopped at the New England Carousel Museum near Hartford.  It’s not a place that you’d just happen to bump into.  It’s quite off the beaten trail in a small town west of Hartford.  They have quite a display of carousel horses – and  other unexpected animals such as rabbits, giraffes, and even a rooster – to take in, and they offer a guided tour of the museum and the history of carousels.  I was surprised how much I learned in just 2 hours.  For example:  

     – Carousels in the United States move counterclockwise, while those in Great Britain move clockwise.  Thus the animals are not interchangeable (see the next point)

     – The outside flank of each animal is more ornate than the inside to attract attention; the exception is the inside row, where the inside flank is more ornate to reflect off the mirrors

     – While most animals today are made of plastic, traditionally, they were carved from wood, and the inside of the body was hollow

     – The first record of a carousel was in a Byzantine bas relief in about the year 500

     – There are three different types of carousel horses – Coney Island, Country Fair, and Philadelphia

     – And there are three different poses for the horses – Stander (one foot off the ground), Prancer (front feet off the ground), and Jumper (all feet off the ground).

       You can find out more at their website, http://thecarouselmuseum.org/.  And while I learned a lot, I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to do with that knowledge… 

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