Answers to More from New York City – A Trivia Game


       Here are the answers to those trivia items I posted on Friday:

  1. Now part of a fashionable residential neighborhood, what started out as a cemetery principally for yellow fever victims? – Washington Square
  2. Where did the nickname “Uncle Sam” come from? During the War of 1812 from Samuel Wilson, owner of a meat packing plant in Troy, NY.
  3. What is the home of the New York Knickerbockers and the Rangers? – Madison Square Garden [it also plays host to concerts and theater – we’ve seen Neil Diamond, Cher, and A Christmas Carol there!]
  4. What tradition was started back in 1908? – The lowering of the ball on New Year’s Eve
  5. What is Chinatown’s main street? – Mott Street

       How did you do this time?  Stay tuned; more to come…

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