Why Did Santa Claus Choose New York City?

       Last week, AMC (American Movie Classics) ran a mini-marathon showing of the holiday classic Miracle on 34th Street.  During one of the commercial breaks they revealed a tongue-in-cheek list of the Top 5 Reasons Santa Ditched the North Pole for the Big Apple

5.  It’s a great place to find temp work…but not a career

4.  Apartment living suits his Bohemian lifestyle

3.  Santa is free to be himself…in New York City, nobody notices an old man in a red suit

2.  It’s a great place to draw a huge crowd [and if you don’t believe that, go to Times Square tomorrow night]

1.  You don’t have to own a car to get around…but parking your sleigh on the street is difficult.

       That’s a pretty good list, even if it is a joke…

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