Beating the Winter Blues

       Here we are, about one-third through the Northeast winter (according to the calendar, anyway.  In reality, we’ve still got a good 3 months left – it’ll just seem like a year).  In college, we used to call this time of year – between New Year’s Day and Easter – the “Gloom Period.”  Some things never change…      

       Anyway, I read an article recently in USA Today listing some ways to beat the winter blues; they actually call it Keep your spirits up as temperatures drop.  So if you’re feeling down or gloomy – there’s actually a name for it, SAD, seasonal affective disorder (oh, come on, now!) – then try some of these:       

  1. Get out in the morning sun
  2. Bring the (artificial) morning sun inside (an artificial light box costs only about $200!)
  3. Light your home with care (use those energy-saving compact fluorescent bulbs)
  4. Try later light, too (in fact, you can complete a questionnaire at to determine the pattern of light exposure that would work for you)
  5. Ban the tan (lying under a tanning light is not a sustained anti-depressant, can damage your eyes, cause wrinkles, and increases the risk of skin cancer!)

       Or you can try my cure – grab a glass of good Cabernet and write…  

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