When People Don’t Know Your Name


       A few years ago we were with a group of extended family from my wife’s side in California.  As I approached one of them – we had seen each other several times during the previous few days, including a round of golf – he looked at me, smiled, and said, “Hey, Champ.”  It was so obvious to me that he didn’t remember my name.  It reminded me of a boss I had about 15 years ago.  His phrase – and he said it to all men; I’m not sure what he said to women, but knowing him, he had no trouble remembering women’s names – was “Hi, Guy!”  We were with the same group a week or so ago, and it happened again, except this time I was “Pal.”  Doesn’t it bother you when people do that?  Hold on to that thought.

       My wife and I lived with our kids in Reading, PA for about 15 years.  While I was there, I became friends with David Stein, a comedian, entrepreneur, and morning radio show host on WRFY 102.5FM.  One of the things Dave did on the show was a recurring Top 10 list, similar to David Letterman, and he published many of them in a book titled The Top 102 7:20 lists & Other Morning Show Stuff.  We got a copy, and it’s one of the things we found in our Great Fourth of July Basement Clean-Up.  One of his lists in the book was about people who don’t remember your name (ah, the connection to my first paragraph!).  He called it “10 Things You Say To People When You Have No Idea What Their Name Is:”

            10.  Yo, Bud!

               9.  Heeeey…How ya doin’? 

              8.  Big Guuuuy!

              7.  Hey, Chief!

              6.  We were just talking about yoooou.

              5. They let anybody in here.

              4.  Well look who it is!

              3.  My Man!

              2.  Duuuuude!

              1.  There he is!

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