What Those New Words Mean

       Here are the meanings for those new words I wrote about on Thursday: 

  • bargainous (adj.) – costing less than expected
  • buzzkill (n.) – person or thing that has a depressing effect
  • cheeseball (adj.) – lacking taste or style
  • flash mob (n.) – brief gathering for a common purpose, announced by e-mail or text
  • homeshoring (n.) – moving jobs to employees’ homes (from ‘offshoring’)
  • locavore (n.) – one who primarily eats locally grown food
  • matchy-matchy (adj.) – excessively color-coordinated
  • meme (n.) – image, video or phrase passed electronically on the internet
  • paywall (n.) – arrangement whereby website access is restricted to paying users only
  • pimp (v.) – to make something more showy or impressive
  • sheeple (n.) – unquestioning followers (from “sheep” + “people”)
  • truthiness (n.) – quality of seeming true.

       Well, how did you do?  Are you vocab sav?  (Hey, there’s another one for the list!)

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