The Best Cocktails in New York City

       …according to New York magazine, that is.  In its annual feature, Where to Eat, they list what they believe to be the 10 best cocktails in the City:

  • Radler, made with Belgian wheat beer, at Vandaag on Second Avenue in Manhattan
  • The Lambs Cup, homage to the Pimms Cup, at The Lambs Club on 44th Street near Times Square
  • The Eleventh Hour, a tequila cocktail, at the Clover Club on Smith Street in Brooklyn
  • McKenzie Rye-Whiskey Manhattan, made with locally distilled spirits, at ABC Kitchen in the Flatiron District
  • Sloe Gin Fizz, a “gentlemen’s cocktail,” at The Commodore in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn
  • Queens Park Swizzle, a Jamaican classic, at Lani Kai in Soho.

       It’s time for a drink…

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