What’s Up With Charlie Sheen, Anyway?

      Since I began writing this blog 2 years ago, I’ve had my own self-imposed guidelines regarding subjects about which I don’t write.  The first two are politics and religion.  It’s always a win-lose proposition, as everyone has his or her own preference, and both are a matter of opinion.  The third thing I don’t write about is any subject that a lot of other people are writing about – too much competition.  But that ends now…

       I’ve liked Charlie Sheen and his works (at least most of them, including Red Dawn, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Platoon, Wall Street, Major League, and Scary Movie) for many years.  And I’m a huge fan of Two and a Half Men; just ask my family about that.  But the recent blast of publicity has me rethinking my positions.  I’m not talking about what created the current standoff, whether the producer or the star took the first shot.  I’m talking about the person named Charlie Sheen.  He’s been talking a lot and giving a lot of interviews.  Every time I hear him, he comes across – to me, at least – as arrogant.  More arrogant than any other person I know.  And that’s one trait that I can’t tolerate.  So what does that mean?  Do I still like Charlie Sheen’s work?  I suppose so, especially his past work.  Do I still like Two and a Half Men?  Absolutely!  But what if the sides can’t come to terms?  What’s the future of my favorite show?  I suppose they could kill off Charlie Harper (maybe from alcohol poisoning or something like that), Judith and Herb get divorced, and Herb moves in with Alan to split the expenses.  Hmmm…actually, that doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

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