Little Old New York at Freedomland

       I wrote many posts ago about Freedomland in the Bronx, billed as “The World’s Largest Outdoor Family Entertainment Center,” which operated for 4 years in the 1960s.  The park, in the shape of the United States, contained 7 areas: Little Old New York 1850-1900; Chicago 1871; Satellite City The Future; New Orleans Mardi Gras; The Great Plains 1803-1900; The Old Southwest 1890; and San Francisco 1906.  Within each area were rides and attractions consistent with that theme.

       In Little Old New York, it was like taking a walk through history, with the Horseless Carriage, Harbor Tug Boats, Horse-Drawn Streetcar, Horse-Drawn Surrey, and Political Pep Rally for visitors to enjoy.  In fact, one flyer described Little Old New York with “Stroll through the shops, the streets, the gaiety and atmosphere of New York as it was 100 years ago!  Singing waiters, horse and buggies, costumes…policemen…everything is here to recapture an era!”  And you know what?  New York is not really much different than that today… 

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