What is Bullying, Anyway?

       When I was a kid, we could always spot bullies.  Those are the guys (generally) who would physically push others around and threaten them and beat them up.  You know, like those 2 kids in A Christmas Story.  So most of us avoided them, both as friends and even passing in the school corridor. 

       But recently I’ve heard and read a lot about bullying, particularly workplace bullying.  I haven’t seen any coworkers with their tongues stuck to the flagpole, so I figured it must be something else.  And I wanted to find out what it was.     

       Then I read an article in our local Sunday paper about this topic.  It gave some examples of bullying in the workplace:

  • Being harshly criticized
  • Being subjected to different standards and policies than other coworkers
  • Someone else stealing credit for your work
  • Belittling comments about your work being made in meetings
  • Your boss yelling at you in front of coworkers

       Okay – let’s talk about this.  An argument could be made that the first three are part of life, and I agree.  As for the belittling comments, if you work merits the comments, then so be it.  A meeting is not the best way to deliver that feedback, I agree, but I don’t think it’s bullying; I think it’s stupidity.  As for the last, I once had a boss who yelled at an entire team in front of the rest of the department.  I suppose that was bullying, but it was also stupidity on his part.  The only things it caused were resentment and decreased respect for the boss.   

       So what do you do if you’re bullied?  The article suggests these tactics: 

  • Identify the problem – is it bullying or people just not getting along?
  • Document the problem – be specific, and remember that you’re not the problem, the other person is
  • Know your options – you can discuss it with the person, or talk with someone else who can intervene
  • Understand what you want to happen – if you can’t change it, leaving your job is always an option.

       So to all you bullies out there:  back off!  Pretty please… 

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2 Responses to “What is Bullying, Anyway?”

  1. Steve Says:

    Interesting. I have known a person or two who might fit that bill. Hope all is well!

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