Is the Low Line Next?

       I’ve written a couple of times about the High Line, a park on the West Side of Manhattan, built on a deserted elevated freight rail line from the 1930s.  The first section of the High Line – between Gansevoort and 20th Streets – opened in the summer of 2009, and the extension to 34th Street recently completed the project.  In my opinion, it’s one of the nicest parks in a large city that I’ve seen.


       Now a few entrepreneurs are talking about creating a similar park, but this time under the streets instead of above the streets.  There’s a deserted trolley terminal under the streets in the Lower East Side, and they’re talking about converting it into what will be officially named Delancey Underground, but most certainly will be popularly called the Low Line.  And they’ll even channel sunlight – minus the harmful ultraviolet and infrared rays – into the park, thanks to the modern technology of fiber-optic cables. 

       But it might have its down side; years ago, Atlanta constructed an underground area full of shopping, food, and music.  But later, it became the home of thievery and drugs.  It’s since been restored, but its decline is something that New York should be aware of.  

       But anyway, let’s hope they get approval of their concept – it could be yet another great way to spend an afternoon in New York!   

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