What Do You Do With Your Lousy Gifts?

       I guess I’m just lucky. I rarely get gifts that I have absolutely no use for, or no desire to have in my house.  But thousands – perhaps even millions – of people do receive those lousy gifts each year.  In fact, a nationwide survey by Consumer Reports reveals exactly what people do with those awful presents [along with my thoughts]: 

  1. 44% make the best of it [this is probably the easiest]
  2. 39% keep it somewhere out of view [but out of whose view, I ask]
  3. 18% donate it [but will they even want it?]
  4. 15% regift it [as in Seinfeld]
  5. 11% return it to the retailer [that can often be a major hassle]
  6. 11% throw it out [and hope the giver doesn’t find out]
  7. 6% try to sell it [again, will anyone else want it?]
  8. 2% post a picture of it online [that in itself can be risky]
  9. 2% give it back to the giver [that takes cojones!]
  10. 10. 5% do none of these things [but what else is left to do?]

       I guess I’d base my decision on two things: the cost/value of it, and who the giver is.  For some givers, I’d simply choose the first option above.  And you can probably guess who those givers are…

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