Did You Know That Today Is National Pie Day?

       When I heard that on the radio, I got excited, thinking “maybe they’ll offer free slices of pie in the cafeteria today.”  I do like pies, particularly French Apple – hmmm, good!

       And then I heard the explanation that it’s National Pi Day (no ‘e’).  Ah, disappointment!  Really.  In 2009, Congress actually proclaimed March 14 (3.14 – get it?) as National Pi Day.  So to celebrate it, we’re supposed to discuss the significance of Pi.  But I don’t get it.  As I mentioned above, I do like pie.  But what’s to celebrate about Pi?  Besides being used to calculate the area of a circle, I have never used it in my life. 

       Bummer.  But I think I’ll go have a piece of pie anyway…

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