Got a Toothache?

       If you do, just don’t do what one man inEnglanddid.  He went to his ex-girlfriend – he had recently broken up with her – who is a dentist.  And what did she do?  She put him out, and then proceeded to remove all of his teeth!  And to make things worse, his current girlfriend then broke up with him because – I think you can guess this one – she didn’t want to date a man with no teeth.  Think you’re having a bad day?  (Is he a candidate for Bonehead of the Year, or what?)  

       What’s the lesson to be learned here?  The simplest is not to get a toothache.  But if it does happen, be very careful about choosing the dentist you visit to remedy the situation.  Maybe the good news for him is that at least his ex is not a urologist… 

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