Perhaps Mark Twain Was Right

       Mark Twain, who is one of my favorite – if not my absolute favorite – writers, is well known for his quotes; one of them is, “Suppose you were an idiot.  And suppose you were a member of Congress.  But I repeat myself.”         A couple of events prove the wisdom of his words.  

       The most recent is the member of Congress who said something about “legitimate rape” on television, causing an outrage.  Since when is there such a thing?  The definition of legitimate I found is that it means according to law or standards. 

       The second happened last year, and involved another member of Congress who decided to skinny-dip in the Sea of Galilee.  This has also caused an outrage, as public nudity is prohibited, and also because the Bible states that Jesus walked on the water of the Sea of Galilee.  The congressman has since remarked, “what was I thinking?” 

       Indeed.  Perhaps neither one was thinking.  Perhaps Mark Twain was right on target… 

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