And Now First Grade!


Seven years ago last night, my wife and I were in a race against time, driving from New York to Virginia.  Our daughter Jen had gone into labor with her first child (our first grandchild), and we wanted to get there before they took her into delivery.  Thanks to heavy traffic in central Pennsylvania, we arrived at the hospital a little after midnight, shortly after Jen had been taken in to delivery.  But we were there to welcome our new grandson Evan into the world.

Fast forward to today, and our first grandson is now a first grader.  Jen took this picture on the first morning of school last month.  Evan is excited, and his younger brother Noah seems just as excited.  When my wife asked him how his first day of first grade was, Evan said, ”Awesome!”  Keep that attitude for many years, Evan, and Happy Birthday!

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  1. laurascrochetedgifts Says:

    Happy birthday, Evan!

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