Questions to How Well Do You Know New York?

Here are the questions to the Jeopardy! answers in the category “New York City Museums” I posted last month:

  1. At the 9/11 Memorial Museum, you can see part of a retaining wall and a column now covered with mementos from this complex. – What the World Trade Center?
  2. A National Museum of Immigration at this site is housed in the original main building restored to its 1918-to-1924 appearance. – What is Ellis Island?
  3. Fun House mirrors & vintage bumper cars are part of the collection celebrating this iconic amusement area in Brooklyn. – What is Coney Island?
  4. Frank Lloyd Wright was in his 90s when he supervised construction of his final masterpiece, this museum. – What is the Guggenheim?
  5. This last name is paired with Cooper in the name of a national design museum. – What is Hewitt?

I again got four of them correct; how did you do?

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