Today is Easter, a Christian Holy Day

I’ve written a few posts about my ancestors who served in the military.  I’ve also found in my research many ancestors who were religious leaders.  This Christian Holy Day is an appropriate day to write about them, so here they are, with interesting notes for a few of them:

  1. Reverend John Rogers 1506-1555, 10th Great grandfather, charged with heresy by the Church of England for his Separatist beliefs and was burned at the stake during the reign of Queen Mary I (known as Bloody Mary)
  2. Reverend John Lathrop 1584-1653 (shown above), 9th Great grandfather, also charged with heresy by the Church of England for his Separatist beliefs and exiled from England. He escaped with his family on a ship bound for America minutes before the Archbishop of Canterbury’s men arrived at his house to arrest him.
  3. Deacon Richard Platt 1603-1684, 8th Great grandfather
  4. Deacon Stephen Hart 1605-1683, 9th Great grandfather, arrived in Boston in 1632 then moved west and bought land at a low point of the Connecticut River which enabled crossing. The area was known as Hart’s Ford, later becoming Hartford.
  5. Reverend Obadiah Holmes 1607-1682, 8th Great grandfather
  6. Reverend Abraham Pierson 1609-1678, 9th Great grandfather, arrived in Boston in 1640 and later led his congregation to New Jersey, founding Newark in 1666.
  7. Deacon Pierre Montfort 1616-1661, 8th Great grandfather
  8. Deacon Willem van Couwenhoven 1636-1728, 7th Great Grandfather
  9. Reverend Richard Henderson 1689-1769, 6th Great Grandfather

I’m thinking of writing a story or short book about my religious and military ancestors, calling it Bibles and Bullets.  What do you think?

Feel free to leave a comment, and please come back – I write and post often!  And if you like what I have to say and how I say it, you’ll probably enjoy my novels as well.  They’re listed below, and you can read more about them on my improved website, designed and built by my son Don,  On my site, you’ll also find excerpts of my books that you can read – please check it out!

Randolph Mase, Fiction Writer

My Novels:

Death on Broadway

Death Beneath the Streets

Death in Central Park

Death at The Cloisters

Death Inside Diamond Head

Death Under Jones Beach (under construction)

Nathan Hale

2 Responses to “Today is Easter, a Christian Holy Day”

  1. Jack Villecco Says:

    Mr. Mase, With several of your ancestors being executed, I am glad that there were enough of them that survived so that you can be here with us. I like your idea for the proposed book. I think the title should be “Bibles or Bullets?, That is the Question.” Jack

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