Is Columbus Day a Forgotten Holiday?

It’s interesting that when I was going to school or working, I viewed holidays simply as another day off.  Now that I’m doing neither, I find myself trying to learn more about each holiday.  Take today – Columbus Day – as an example.  Before it was moved to the second Monday in October, Columbus Day was always celebrated on October 12.  I always assumed that it marked the birth of Christopher Columbus, but it actually marks the date when he arrived in the Americas.  Although it is a federal holiday here in the U.S., only 24 of our states also recognize it as a holiday.  In fact, in my last three jobs I worked in a state which still recognizes it as a holiday, yet we did not get the day off.

On this day, let’s taker the time to remember Mr. Columbus and take the time to discover more about the meaning of the day.  It’s interesting stuff!

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